Sunday, March 1, 2015

Being a Ski Bum

Hey y'all!

I am so sorry that it has been so long since I have last posted anything but unfortunately, I have just been so crazy busy with school, work, basically all of my past excuses at once. No longer! I refuse not to post and inform the world of my thoughts!

Haha, but seriously, here I was thinking I was going to have nothing for today's post and then Snapchat happened. Don't you just love Snapchat? (I do. I love it a bunch)

So here we go! Today's topic: snow sports. I may just stick with skiing or snowboarding... Actually, I'll just do those two.

As I have no personal experience with either, please bear with me for I was lazy and didn't even bother to research these. I am literally just going based off of my Snapchat Story, the skiing one. Speaking of, is there an actual name for all of those Snaps and videos that Snapchat gets from a bunch of people? Or is it just Snapchat's story?

Moving on, skiing. As far as I know, skiing is actually pretty freakin' athletic and leaves you sore. It certainly explains why there was video of people in hot tubs just hanging out or with the caption "after a ski bum day." Is that a thing? People who ski are called ski bums?

People who know these things, please let me know. I'm genuinely curious. I wanna be a ski bum. It seems like so much fun.


On this, I actually have a bit more knowledge as my sister absolutely loves watching Shaun White when he's in the Winter Olympics. It was such a shame that he wasn't able to nail that trick this past Olympics because he totally deserved that gold medal. He's an amazing snowboarder and I love watching him compete. (My sister and I are pretty big supporters of the Olympics in general. We LOVE watching the Olympics)

Of course, I know that this sport takes a lor outta you physically as well, so i suppose that the hot tubs are used by people who do one or both sports? One day, I shall experience this for myself. I will find out then. Then, my curiosity will be satisfied.

The two main places that were featured in... let's just call it Snapchat's story were Beaver Creek, Colorado and somewhere in Utah. I've forgotten where. I have known that these places were good places for this sort of activity as my dad has always wanted to go skiing in Colorado. Hopefully, he'll get to do so one day.

I... Yeah, this is all the knowledge I can contribute. What do y'all think about this? Know more than me? Good grief, please comment and contribute to my knowledge. I beg of you. That would be most helpful.

"I'll just become a ski bum"
-Someone on Snapchat