Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Tunes Tuesday

Hey y'all!!
Welcome to another Tunes Tuesday!! Argh, I'm really not good at this blogging thing, am I?? I'm trying, really!! I think it's just me being lazy but I'll work harder at actually posting these instead of just leaving them as drafts.
Now, I may be so, super late to this party but oooohhhhh, what a party to be at. As most of you know, the wonderful Sia released her album, 1000 Forms of Fear, recently-ish.... Okay, okay, it's been a while & no, I'm not trying to introduce the album. Y'all know the album is great.

I was curious today after watching Nick Pitera's piano cover of her song, "Chandelier" &, on a whim, I decided to watch the music video. Aaand, now I can't stop. Oh, dear heaven above, it's so intricate!! I'm not even sure what's my favorite part, honestly. I think I love it all because it is AMAZEBALLS. Listening to just the song on the radio, Spotify, or whatever, I had an idea of what the song's lyrics meant & I thought maybe I knew what the music video was going to look like.

Oh my gosh.

I had no flippin' idea.

I started watching it & for one solid moment I thought the performer was Sia. Then I noticed it was a young girl. I just stared enthralled at the screen for the rest of the video. This girl is amazing. I'm definitely not a professional dancer, even though I'd love to be, but I felt her performance was life-changing.

Her moves screamed flawless & graceful. Her facial expressions were spot-on for the vibe I felt the video was giving off. Overall, the video gave me the feels that it was a child/child-like psyche that simply deteriorated into a set of moves that was muscle memory.

It also seemed as if the home-life wasn't the best, from certain movements the dancer did and how the rooms looked inside of what I'm guessing was an apartment. I'm not sure I know what the catalyst was for the deterioration, but I have to say I absolutely loved it. Anything with the human psyche just kinda gets me all up in arms about how awe-inspiring it can be.

Side note, I'm also not a professional critique giver (is that a word?? Is that even a thing??). I simply say what I feel. & this is how I feel about this video. So this whole rant-y kinda blogpost is a bit new but I wanted to blog today (I'm really, really trying, I promise!!!) & so I decided to write this. The performer is Maddie Ziegler. Is it crazy to say she looked familiar?? It wasn't until I looked her up to credit her in this post that I found out she was on Dance Moms. & I love Dance Moms.

Weirdly enough, I was very proud that Maddie was chosen to perform this song. I'm not related to her at all but I always relate to T.V. people & so of course, on my reality shows, I feel for all these people. Hence the pride but me thinking it odd because I don't even know her. Oh well.

Do y'all like that I did something different?? Does it matter how I write these?? Should I just write more?? I'm pretty sure I should just write more... Alrighty, well, that is everything & I'll see ya tomorrow for Workout Wednesday!!

"But I'm holding on for dear life, won't look down, won't open my eyes"
-Sia, "Chandelier"

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