Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Hello 2014

Alrighty, so now that it's 2014, I just wanted to list my resolutions for this coming year. I have a lot I wanna accomplish & listing it here will hopefully help me get it all done (Hopefully.... :/).

1. Get organized
2. Lose weight
3. Become a runner
4. Find an apartment
5. Successfully transfer schools
6. Save money for life things
7. Get a car
8. Try & live life
9. Take one trip this year to somewhere I've never been
10. Read all the books on the Half-Price Books calendar

& that's about it. Happy New Year!!! :)

Bye 2013

Well, 2013 is coming to a close. A lot has happened & it's definitely all been good for me to learn everything. I've made new friends, kept my old ones & really connected more with my family.

A list of books I've read:

A list of movies I've seen:
-Iron Man 3
-Thor 2
-The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug
-The Hunger Games: Catching Fire
-Jack the Giant Slayer

A list of T.V. shows I've seen:
My Sidereel

My fav music of 2013:
-Imagine Dragons
-Capital Cities
-Panic! At the Disco's Too Weird to Live Too Rare To Die
-Lady GaGa's Applause
-Katy Perry's Prism
-Paramore's Still Into You
-J. Lo's On the Floor
-Fall Out Boy
-Jason Derulo's The Other Side
-Miley Cyrus' Wrecking Ball
-Kelly Clarkson's Wrapped in Red

I'll add stuff later but that's about it for now.

2013 was one heck of a year. I became a legal adult (I can vote..... Whoo), started college & really began a new chapter of my life. It has been one crazzy ride so far. I'm so thankful & blessed for everything I currently have. I can't wait to start this new year & tackle new challenges.

Things that happened this year:

-Nabbed my 3rd overall job (DSW; I currently hold only 2 jobs as the 2nd job I got was only a summer job)
-Started college (No longer at that college though... But still in school!!!)
-Became adulty (With college comes a lot of responsibility that just gets thrown on you & you just kind of have to deal with it)
-Got on a healthkick (Still on it & I'm gonna go strong)

I wish all of you & yours a wonderful Happy New Year!!! Enjoy 2014 to the fullest & I hope all of your resolutions are fulfilled :)

Love ya!!

Monday, December 23, 2013

Movie Monday (12/23)

Hey y'all!

Welcome to Movie Monday!

Focus of this week...







This movie was amazing! Of course, I read the books but I did not re-read it before seeing the movie and I think that made a difference! A friend from work told me that she and her friend re-read it before seeing the movie and it did not lead up to expectations.

I saw it with my Dad and we got a little antsy towards the end because we still had to pick up my brother from school, even though it started at 12:05!! Anyways, this movie is definitely worth it!! I'm going to try and finish the book by Friday for Feature Friday but we'll see! I'll definitely be looking back on here to gauge the differences and how I feel.

I really, really enjoyed it though! Of course, I enjoy almost every movie I see as I am entertained quite easily. Now, I did have one thing that I thought could have been a little less.....


I get it. The romance is a big thing. But good grief, I was expecting to see MORE of the actual Quarter Quell and not Peeta and Gale trying to make their mark. I am sorry if you disagree with me; I'm only sharing how I feel and I feel that Katniss is losing her edge juuuust a tad. I still love this series with all my heart and soul so I shall continue to watch and read forever and ever.

Now, onto real life impact. Oh my gosh, talk about fitness inspiration!! I'm definitely going to work out now!! Putting yourself into the mindset of the Hunger Games is craaazy inspiring!! It definitely makes you want to go beast mode ;) (thank you Cassey)

Well, have tons of fun (or at least try) with school starting again this week!

Lots of love,

"So, it's you and a syringe against the Capitol? See, this is why no one lets you make the plans."
- Suzanne Collins, Catching Fire 

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Week 1

Hey y'all!

So, I'm participating in Blogilates' #NewBodyMakeover and I'll be making weekly posts on Saturdays about my thoughts and day-to-day successes before I make a giant post about what exactly I ate and everything like that

Week 1 is now over and I'm okay. Definitely cutting out the major amounts of dairy as I am breaking out like crazy! And that's not cool. So no more dairy for me. I'll be sure and cut that down in my diet plan. I messed up a few times on the food part of ths journey and I definitely didn't exercise as much as I should. Still, I'll see how much progress I've made tomorrow morning on the scale. 

I know that for sure my body is going to become stronger with the extra exercise and from all the good nutrition I'm providing it. I'm also really glad about this as it's really teaching me how to watch my pennies when going grocery shopping. If I know it's cheaper in a different store or form (shredded vs. block cheese), then I know exactly which one to get and where. This is definitely helpful as I'm hoping to be moving out of my parents house by next fall and living on my own. While I'm excited, I'm also kinda worried I won't be able to budget my money properly. 

Alrighty, week 2... BRING IT =)

"I hope you feel beautiful today."
- found it on my iNSPIRING Pinterest board =)

P.S. This post will be updated with exactly what I ate plus pictures (if I took them) & what exercising I did on what day when I get a chance... Maybe on Tuesday....

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Throwback Thursday

Hey y'all!

Sorry I've been so MIA lately, but life's been pretty hectic :( Anyways, here's your first Throwback Thursday!!

History Fact for Today: Aircraft Squadron Lost In The Bermuda Triangle\

I read the article and thought it was so interesting! Apparently, Flight 19 left from Fort Lauderdale naval base and had 14 men aboard. It was supposed to be "a routine 3-hour training mission." Well, after a few transmissions they sent, saying that their navigational tools were of no use, they then sent one last garbled transmission that they had to abandon ship, relatively speaking. After that, a 13-man squad was sent to find them, as the naval base had already pinpointed their location, and they were lost as well. With the loss of over 27 men, there was a huge search but nothing was found. Since no one came back, the Bermuda Triangle Legend was now solid.

Crazy, right? I still wanna go to the Bermuda Triangle to see what it is... Hopefully, I'll come back whenever I go, haha.

I'll try and diversify my sources for TT (Throwback Thursday) but this site was really easy to get a story from so it will probably pop up a few more times.

Okay, school-time! I'm actually currently at my school, typing this out, haha. I finished my last U.S. History Until 1877 class today and I've got my final next Tuesday, ugh... That's probably when T.V. Tuesdays will start, though. That'll be the first as I'm catching up on shows slowly, but surely, with the wonderful aid of Netflix.

Back on topic

I've got my U.S. History final Tuesday, my English final this weekend (online, thank goodness) and for my other "freshman" orientation course, a project (that's also online). That is the beauty of online classes, folks. Almost every single thing is turned in online which gives me PLENTY of time to finish all that I need to. And for this working girl with two jobs, juggling school with everything else is pretty hard. So online classes are something that I feel really help me out.

So far, in all three classes, I have straight A's which is PERFECT as I'm trying to transfer to University of Texas in Austin by next fall. Hopefully, my transfer application will go through and I'll be a Longhorn in the fall!! I really want to rush as well so I'm hoping I can get that all taken care of as well. This summer, I also need to start looking at Boston University for all of the graduate school application requirements.

Augh, so much to do and I have such little time to do it I!!! :/ Oh well, everything will turn out for the best.

Ah, yes. Since this is my first Throwback Thursday, lemme just say what my intended major/minor  and what my educational life plan is so far:

Major: Biology/English
Minor: Anthropology

My major currently is biology because I want to take Forensic Anthropology but I won't be able to go to a school with that particular major until grad school so... Biology with an Anthropology major it is. The English double major is because I want to teach English as a language in South Korea. I've chosen South Korea because I really fell in love with the culture (not just the KPOP or K-dramas, y'all) and it's in Asia which is somewhere I've always wanted to visit and live for a while. Also, when my grandma and dad found out that I wanted to teach overseas, they limited the countries I could go to. While yes, I am grown, I still do listen to my family. So.... South Korea it is :)

1. Go to UT Austin and complete my undergrad
2. BU for grad school
3. Teach ESL in South Korea
4. Come back to the States for my Forensic Anthropology life

And that's the plan (so far)!!

Alrighty, see y'all tomorrow for Feature Friday ;)

-Breaking News- Today, this marks the death of one greatly esteemed man, Nelson Mandela. I believe reports said he died around 8:50 pm/20:50. This man was amazing and he will be sorely missed.

RIP Nelson Mandela

Article by Chicago Tribune

"Difficulties break some men but make others. No axe is sharp enough to cut the soul of a sinner who keeps on trying, one armed with the hope that he will rise even in the end."
-Nelson Mandela 

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Workout Wednesday

Hey y'all!!

Well, I'm in the mood for blogging now, who knew? I guess it can kinda be addicting... Oh well, I decided to start off Workout Wednesdays!!! Now, I'm sure y'all don't know, but I have been on a very long fitness journey and hopefully, I'll be able to post some before/after pics before next summer! Anyways, this is what I did today:

For Toning (Blogilates Videos):

  • Bikini Blaster 7: Bodacious Back & Arms
  • Tricep Toner
  • Victoria's Secret Angel Arms
  • Back on Fire
  • Backless Dress Workout
I usually just follow Blogilates/Tone It Up calendars because sometimes I get lazy and most of the time I actually can follow them. Unfortunately, I couldn't do TIU's workout today cause it was with a kettlebell... And I do not own one :/ Uh, truth, I just didn't want to. My legs I feel are something I don't need to work really hard on so I usually don't do extra leg workouts. But ohhh man, my shoulders and back.... They. Are. SORE.

Cardio: 3 mile bike ride (which counts as 1 mile walking/running)

What I Ate:

  • Breakfast - 1/2 a chocolate chip muffin & 1 banana
  • Lunch - Leftover fried rice & beef with veggies from my chinese dinner last night
  • Dinner - Caldo, which is a Mexican/Spanish soup that is basically meat & veggies.
Water Intake: 32 oz today. With my water intake, I'm really trying to drink at least 2x my body weight in water as 75% of your body is made of water. Plus, I'm usually really thirsty so drinking water is a good thing. I do sometimes have days, like today, where I don't drink as much as I should....

And that was pretty much my day today. I'll probably talk about how sore I am tomorrow... :/

What did you do today, this Workout Wednesday?? Lemme know in the comments below.

Thanks for stopping by!


"Pain is just weakness leaving your body"
- General Lewis B. "Chesty" Puller, Marine Corps 

My Introduction

Well, hey there!!

As first posts go, this one probably won't be the most interesting, but, oh well. Everyone starts somewhere! I'll start off with myself:

I'm currently 19 years old, in college and working 2 jobs. I'm very busy at the moment but I really need to start creating a life for myself. I also need somewhere where I can actually keep track of everything I do so that way I can never forget. I have a horrible memory, kinda like Dory from Finding Nemo.

Oh yeah, I'm a total Disney kid, Marvel girl, pretty much anything nerdy, I've got your back ;) This blog won't ONLY be about those things though... I promise I'm not a total nerd (not that there's anything wrong with that either). Anyways, I'm going to try and do daily posts and, hopefully, in the New Year, I'll start my vlogs.

This is a breakdown of what my Titled Blogs will consist of:

  • Marvel/Movie/Music Monday
  • T.V. Tuesday
  • Workout Wednesday
  • Throwback Thursday (For those of us who love learning)
  • Feature/Fandom Friday

Here is all of my social media stuff!

Instagram: kat_chi
Twitter: diamonde24
Tumblr: Trina Whims
YouTube: TrinaLogic (no videos posted yet though :/)

And I think that's about it for social media... I suppose we should also go over what exactly is going to be on this blog.

I'm gonna talk about:

-T.V. Shows
-Dramas (if you don't know what these are, you should probably look them up as they're really, REALLY good)
-School Stuff (pretty much, it'll just be rants... I'm already in college so I shouldn't have too many of these)
-Fitness Things (JUST got into this crazy world and I'm loving every minute of it)
-Any and everything really

Hopefully, I won't ever get a chance to bore you and if I do... Please, somebody comment. Actually, you are ALWAYS welcome to comment on anything I write!! It does let me know if I'm doing something "wrong" per se, and so I'll be able to tune myself to what exactly anybody will really be interested in reading. 

Thanks for stopping by!


"Honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom"
- Thomas Jefferson