Saturday, January 10, 2015

Loss Is Hard

Hey y'all!

So, this post will actually be a little solemn today. I wasn't too sure when I started all this how personal I was going to get but this is actually pretty personal. Obviously, y'all don't know me that well (unless you do… which if so, thanks for reading!) but two days ago, my great-grandmother passed away. Yes, I was blessed to have had my great-grandmother live for an extremely long time before losing her.

I am honestly just thankful that my last conversation with her was a good one. It was all in Spanish, so I got most of it but not all. I also talked back to her in Spanish and we were joined by her sister. I heard a lot about my grandma and her brothers and sisters while growing up. It's something I'll definitely cherish for quite some time as it was my last moment with my great-grandmother and it was at a time when she was still able to respond and remember stuff.

With this event, I now have a funeral to attend to this Wednesday and the rosary will be Tuesday. I had heard that my great-grandmother had taken a turn for the worse the day before she passed. That day I knew I was going to need a new dress. I thought I had shoes, but I don't so I need new shoes as well. I went shopping today but I was unsuccessful on both but I did find two new shirts (very festival-like) and I got a couple of things at Francesca's that I had been wanting so success there.

Since it is Saturday, as upsetting as this is, this is what I would wear if I could just grab things and have them magically appear in my closet.

Loss Is Hard

Of course, the tights and long-sleeves are only because it's winter time. If it was summer, that'd be a whole different wardrobe choice altogether. I think that I have been lucky in that this is only the third funeral I have been to for a family member in my 20 years of living. I know that I am blessed that I haven't lost anybody extremely close to me yet so every time this happens, it does hit me kind of hard.

Alrighty, well that's everything for this Style Saturday. Fashionista on, lovelies. Hopefully, you're doing better than my family and I at this time.

"Yo la bendiga (I bless you)."
-My great-grandmother, every time you said good-bye 

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