Thursday, October 2, 2014

Selfie/A to Z (10/2)

Hey y'all!

Okay, so it's still the beginning of T.V.'s fall schedule getting started but it's October!! Isn't that crazy?!? Ah, I'm so excited! October, besides April of course, is my absolute favorite month!!! It's in the middle of fall, has my favorite holiday and is just generally a good month for me. As if I haven't mentioned this before...

So here are this week's episodes!!

    "Pilot": This show is about Eliza Dooley, a young woman who became "instafamous" after growing up as what she perceived to be ugly. Now, she has many followers and social media friends and she looks nothing like what she used to. She is a pharmaceutical sales rep and was involved with someone who is married. On an airplane where she was with a  bunch of her co-workers, her bags ended up bursting and she got sick all over her. The incident went viral and so she lost her "coolness" reputation. When she found out that a co-worker, Henry, was able to re-sell a product that had questionable effects, she enlists him in help for becoming a better person. They start lessons and Eliza finds out good things. She didn't get any help from her "friends" on the night and she realizes even though her neighbor Bryn is her complete opposite, that Bryn has a great group of real friends even though Eliza thinks the book club is kinda annoying. She impresses Henry even though he doesn't voice it at a co-worker's daughter's wedding with her appearance. Henry continues to teach her but things escalate and they fight. When Eliza has a meaningful conversation with the company's receptionist and her son, she knows that Henry's help was actually working and goes to his house to reconcile. They end up in the rain and laugh together, cementing the beginning of a great friendship.

This pilot was great! I loved the music and I'm super excited to see the rest of the season. Karen is such a wonderful actress that she always stuns me and John Cho always gives a great performance. This show looks like it's going to be great. It's suppose to be a modern-day version of My Fair Lady, which if so, it has a lot to stand up to!! I freakin' love that movie. It's definitely one of my classic favorites.

    "A is for Acquaintances": I was extremely interested in this show, considering that the mom from one of my favorites, How I Met Your Mother, was going to be the female lead! It also seemed as if it had a good plot. I did watch the pilot episode before it actually aired so I could see whether or not I wanted to commit. And oh, I wanna commit. These characters seem like they're going to make me laugh and I'm kinda already attached a little. You guys know how into my T.V. shows I can get. I'm excited to see where this goes and what happens after the 8 months, 3 weeks, 5 days and 1 hour is over. That's how long their, Andrew and Zelda's, relationship supposedly lasts but they don't say what happens at the end of it. I kinda hope they get married, but I also kinda hope they break up... Ah, who am I kidding, I can't decide what I want!! So in this episode, we see both Andrew and Zelda explained as to what kind of people they are, what they do and how they are romantically. They have met before and have actually been in the same vicinity as the other before the "fateful" meeting in Andrew's workplace because Zelda was a client of the online dating service he works for. They have a sort of awkward encounter and then Andrew thinks she's gone. Zelda reaches out and surprises Andrew but he's ecstatic that she is talking to him. They reach out on social media and after a while, he asks her out for drinks. He comes up with the conclusion that they are destined to be and Zelda just isn't of that mindset. She leaves when he's determined that she was at this concert and wearing a silver dress and she denies the fact. He's crushed. The morning after Stu says that he had a great night and when hearing of his friend's woes, leads him to become focused on proving that Zelda was there the night of the concert. Andrew asks some of his co-workers, who are talented computer programmers, to try and find pictures of Zelda. Later, Andrew's best friend, Stu, seems to have lied to Zelda's best friend, Stephie, and those two clash upon meeting again. Zelda finds out about the photos that were found while looking and chooses not to talk to Andrew again. When talking to a distraught Stephie about the two guys, Zelda realizes that no one has ever gone as far for her as Andrew has. In her closet, we see her rummage around and pull out a silver dress. She reaches out to him once again, explains that she was there the first night and the second, and the episode ends with them sharing their first kiss.

So that's it! I know, there are probably a ton more episodes I should be talking about but I just kinda wanna do a few because T.V. Thursday is probably going to be cut short for a while. I've started school again and I just never have enough time for anything. Which is depressing cause I'm behind on maybe 20 shows already and it's the second week of fall T.V...... I'm so upset. Oh well. Hope your Thursday is great! Remember, tomorrow's Friday!!


"'What do you not understand the most?' 'Plus-size skinny jeans! I mean, why?'" 
-Henry and Eliza from Selfie

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