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T.V. Thursday

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So, for today's T.V. Tuesday, it's a little different. Considering it's a Thursday, I've decided for all the T.V. shows happening this fall, I'm gonna change my days. T.V. Tuesday will now be on Thursday while Tunes Tuesday is gonna be the new music day. Moving on, here are the shows for this week:

Season 4 premiere of New Girl
Season 3 premiere of The Mindy Project
Series premiere of Mysteries of Laura
Series premiere of Red Band Society

Starting with New Girl, this season premiered on September 16, 2014. I have been a loyal New Girl fan since the show started. My dad and I have been huge fans of this show and we watched the pilot together and we'll try and watch it when it airs but if not, we'll catch up on his iPad or separately. I'm missing a few episodes that I need to watch but I've kept up with the majority of the show not to have missed any major plotlines. This show really fueled my love for Zooey Deschanel. Putting aside my unending love for both of the Deschanel sisters, Zooey just plain shines in this show. It's hilarious and I feel that the role of Jess was written for her.

    "The Last Wedding": Omg, even from the beginning, I was cracking up laughing. Jess' awkwardness just kills me every episode. The gang is determined to have everybody sleep with someone and go to the last wedding of the summer with this mindset. Cece shows up and Schmidt reacts, of course, but no one knows that she broke up with Buster. So now I'm thinking that Schmidt&Cece is gonna happen again but who knows? Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised or displeased. I really like those two. Jess tries to get with the best man but competes with Kat, played by the lovely Jessica Biel. Kat is actually hilarious as a character. She seems to be a form of Amy Farrah Fowler (Big Bang Theory) but obviously not as wonderful as Amy can be! She's still really funny and she does try her best. As this is the last wedding in a line of what seems to have been many weddings this past summer, Coach has had some repeats and so no one wants to be with him. Winston gives Jess advice to just physically be around the guy the whole time and so she tries that. Nick and Schmidt try and get two bridesmaids because Nick is trying to distract Schmidt from Cece. Poor Winston this whole episode was sore from police academy. Ted couldn't make a decision between either so Kat went home with the officiant. They are upset because no one ended up with someone. Jess pipes up and says they're going home with each other. They end up back at the loft and trash all of the invites while making fun of them. (Season 4, Episode 1)

Continuing with The Mindy Project, this is a show I started right before the second season. I noticed my dad had been watching it and so I too wished to watch it. I watched that week's episode and fell hard. I tried my best to catch up right before the second season but I fell a few episodes short. I still went ahead and watched the second season and was so proud of myself for keeping up with it. Mindy Kaling had not been a very big celebrity love of mine until I watched The Mindy Project. That's when I fell in love with her and her quirkiness. Maybe that's not the best word, but it's all I got right now. This season also premiered on September 16, 2014.

    "We're A Couple Now, Haters": Mindy and Danny are now officially a couple. I never really wanted them to be a couple, neither did my dad, so when we saw the name of the episode, he would go, "I don't wanna watch Mindy. I hate her." He was joking, but I kinda do feel like a hater. Now that Mindy has Danny, is the show almost over? I thought the show was just about her love life. Will it just continue to be Danny and then stuff that happens at the practice? Will they break up? Will they do a weird breakup, get back together, breakup again kind of thing? I loved seeing all the different guys Mindy was with but as this show still makes me laugh, I will stay a loyal fan. Anyways, so Mindy talks about a skill of Danny's. Peter goes to him for advice and Danny runs out to confront Mindy for talking about their personal lives. A staff meeting is being held so that Jeremy can finally start a charity along with Lauren, his colleague who is Peter's girlfriend. Cousin Lou is Morgan's cousin who becomes interested in Mindy. Danny is at the office when he sees Jeremy giving Lauren a massage. Mindy finds an article in Danny's drawer that she questions but Danny shuts that thought train down. She goes to Peter but as Danny asked her not to talk about their personal relationship, she doesn't address it. Peter identifies the article in her hands and so she starts googling for Diamond. Morgan comes into her office and talks to her about it and also verifies that the article is a man's. Mindy figures out a secret of Danny's after that. The charity party is at Lauren's and Danny and Mindy explode at each other in another room. Danny doesn't want to own up to what he did. Lou tells Peter that Lauren and Jeremy are hooking up. He punches Jeremy in the face when Lauren says that Jeremy gave her a back rub and then they kissed. Danny is at his apartment where Morgan and Cousin Lou come by because Lou stole Danny's wallet. They also try and give Danny relationship advice. Jeremy admits to Peter that he likes Lauren and wants to date her. Danny goes to Mindy's and comes clean about a lot of things in his life. Then Danny dances. And it's hilarious. (Season 3, Episode 1)

Thirdly, the beginning of a new series entitled Mysteries of Laura. When seeing the promos for this show, what first drew me was that the main character was Grace from Will & Grace! Yes, I was not really old enough to watch that show at the time that it was airing but I always saw commercials for it. (Guys, y'all don't understand; T.V. is my life. It always has been and will always be. I'm a fanatic. I probably have a problem but I don't think too much about it) Anyways, that was a hook for me as I always thought Debra Messing is really pretty. Well, I haven't seen Will & Grace but oh man, Messing presents a whole new side to her acting career. I absolutely love the premise of the show as I always adore when a female character is presented as a strong heroine. She an independent woman, y'all. She don't need no man to take care of her or her kids.

"Pilot": (Season 1 Episode 1)

Last but not least, it's Red Band Society. This show I had seen many commercials and promos for but I didn't know exactly what the show was going to be about until I heard a Spotify commercial, I think. It's definitely an interesting concept to me and I have high hopes for this show. I'm kind of hesitant as I get really into T.V. shows and I hope that all the characters come out okay but who knows, really.

"Pilot": The narrator of the show turns out to be the coma patient, Charlie, that is the youngest of the group. There's a snarky cheerleader with abandonment issues named Kara, Nurse Jackson who pretty much rules with an iron fist, a partier and someone who gets into all kinds of things named Dash, Leo who's an amputee cancer patient, an eating disorder patient and Leo's ex-girlfriend named Emma, Dr. McAndrew who is supposedly the leading doctor in the pediatric session, Brittany who's a new nurse, and Jordi, the newest addition to the hospital who becomes Leo's roommate and will go through the same stuff Leo has medically. Jordi is dropped off at the hospital because he believes that Dr. McAndrew is the only doctor who will be able to save his leg. Through sheer stubbornness and optimism, Jordi becomes the newest addition to the hospital. Dash and Leo are caught by Nurse Jackson getting high in the supply closet and skipping school. They are escorted by the nurse to school where we meet Emma for the first time. Charlie has already been shown by the narrator introducing himself and Kara is in his room recuperating from her injured arm. She antagonizes Charlie, even though he can't do anything, and causes general ruckus for Nurse Jackson. Dr. McAndrew decides to make Jordi and Leo roommates since they are similar medically. Leo is uncomfortable with having Jordi as a roommate but Jordi tries to connect with him seeing as how Leo's already gone through what he will go through the very next day. There's a volunteer who's in Charlie's room and Kara snaps at him. She doesn't understand why he volunteers. Charlie then farts and keeps going because he knows it's bothering her. As a coma patient, he can hear everything, he just can't respond. Jordi and Leo sneak around Nurse Jackson to meet Dash at the adult wing to go visit Ruben Garcia. He's a wealthy hypochondriac who will donate all his money to the hospital once he dies.  Ruben says that Jordi has to have a party before his surgery the next day. Dash tries to score with Brittany and just causes her to be flustered. Kara goes around the hospital just causing mayhem and sees Jordi and Leo. Leo antagonizes her this time around. Jordi and Leo invite Emma to this party that they're throwing for Jordi's leg. It seems that Emma and Jordi have some instant chemistry which may turn out to be awkward considering that she's Leo's ex. The watergirl from Kara's cheerleading squad visits the hospital to check on Kara. When Kara chews her out, she says that no one besides herself cares even an iota for Kara and she only came out of pity. Kara passes out again but not before hitting the call button. The nurses were going to blow it off but Nurse Jackson runs to the room to see Kara passed out. While she's out, she meets with Charlie in the "in-between" where she finds out he can smell and hear everything. He asks her to order pizza and tell his dad it's not his fault. She wakes up again after that. Dash, Leo and Jordi take a hospital patient's car to go to the store. We finally find out that Dash has cystic fibrosis. Nurse Jackson finds out about the joyride and makes them go inside. Kara's parents have finally arrived. It seems that Kara has an enlarged heart that's starting to fail and she's going to need a transplant. Because of all the drugs that she's put in her system willingly, she's at the bottom of a very long list for heart transplants. Kara talks to the volunteer who turns out to be Charlie's dad and uses the information she has as a lure. She gets beer and as a group, Leo, Jordi, Dash, Emma, Kara and Jordi all go the roof to drink beer. Ruben set up an area for the kids to relax. They hang out just like regular teengers. Kara FaceTimes Charlie's dad, complains about the beer and then tells Charlie's dad it's not his fault. Leo explains the reason behind all of his hospital bracelets and gives them away. Jordi's band is from when Leo had his leg amputated. With this, they become the Red Band Society as Leo's hospital bands are all red. Jordi and Emma are in Jordi and Leo's room when Jordi asks to dance with him cause he's getting his leg amputated the next morning. Leo sees them and then sees Dash and Kara talking. He goes to Charlie's room and talks to him instead. Leo gives him the last red band. Jordi and Leo have a heart-to-heart with Nurse Jackson standing outside of the room. The next morning, Kara tapes on their room's window to send pizza so maybe Charlie can wake up. She waves a bunch of different pizzas to wake him up. Before surgery, Jordi runs to give Emma his red band so Leo won't know she lost it. Leo sits with Ruben and just reads.  (Season 1, Episode 1)

That was it for this week! Until nexttime....


"Everyone thinks that when you get into a hospital, life stops."
-Charlie, Red Band Society 

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