Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Workout Wednesday

Hey y'all!!

Well, I'm in the mood for blogging now, who knew? I guess it can kinda be addicting... Oh well, I decided to start off Workout Wednesdays!!! Now, I'm sure y'all don't know, but I have been on a very long fitness journey and hopefully, I'll be able to post some before/after pics before next summer! Anyways, this is what I did today:

For Toning (Blogilates Videos):

  • Bikini Blaster 7: Bodacious Back & Arms
  • Tricep Toner
  • Victoria's Secret Angel Arms
  • Back on Fire
  • Backless Dress Workout
I usually just follow Blogilates/Tone It Up calendars because sometimes I get lazy and most of the time I actually can follow them. Unfortunately, I couldn't do TIU's workout today cause it was with a kettlebell... And I do not own one :/ Uh, truth, I just didn't want to. My legs I feel are something I don't need to work really hard on so I usually don't do extra leg workouts. But ohhh man, my shoulders and back.... They. Are. SORE.

Cardio: 3 mile bike ride (which counts as 1 mile walking/running)

What I Ate:

  • Breakfast - 1/2 a chocolate chip muffin & 1 banana
  • Lunch - Leftover fried rice & beef with veggies from my chinese dinner last night
  • Dinner - Caldo, which is a Mexican/Spanish soup that is basically meat & veggies.
Water Intake: 32 oz today. With my water intake, I'm really trying to drink at least 2x my body weight in water as 75% of your body is made of water. Plus, I'm usually really thirsty so drinking water is a good thing. I do sometimes have days, like today, where I don't drink as much as I should....

And that was pretty much my day today. I'll probably talk about how sore I am tomorrow... :/

What did you do today, this Workout Wednesday?? Lemme know in the comments below.

Thanks for stopping by!


"Pain is just weakness leaving your body"
- General Lewis B. "Chesty" Puller, Marine Corps 

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