Monday, April 28, 2014


Holy crackers.

First off, I didn't realize it's been almost 2 months since my last post.


I apologize whole-heartedly for that. I will really try from now on to make more of an effort for this blog :)

Secondly, I write this blogpost tonight to say that I am starting a new fitness plan! To be honest, I really have always been on this fitness plan. I just haven't been completely and totally on top of everything. The fitness plan I'm talking about is Tone It Up by Karena & Katrina. These girls are AH-MAZING and I absolutely love them. I've been following their website for about... eh, 4 years now, and I love them to bits and pieces. 

These girls are so inspiring and I just love doing their workouts and videos. Now why on earth would I not be able to keep up? Well, the answer is simple, in fact...

I'm pretty freakin' lazy.

There, I've confessed a deep, dark secret of mine. (Just kidding. Anyone who's seen my room can attest to the truth of that statement.)

Being super lazy is really, really hard to get over. I mean, I actually struggle daily with getting up and cleaning or doing laundry, or something else equally productive over just being on my laptop and 

While I am only a poor, broke college kid, I have not yet been able to attain the sweetness of the Tone It Up Nutrition Program but I would really, really like to one day be a member. It shall happen. I will ensure of it. Anyways, that's the diet plan to follow along but I pretty much just stick with their motto of Lean, Clean and Green when I can. That's another issue I've always had with my health.

The food.

Oh gosh, I just love food, man.

It's so. freakin'. good.

Not to say I'm deathly sick or anything when I mention "my health." I'm just saying I kinda eat more junk than necessary. I'm really hoping to change that but it gets hard when you're still living with your parents and you don't really have a lot of say in what exactly is made for dinner (breakfast/lunch/snacks etc.). I try really hard to watch what I eat and to drink a lot of water.

That being said, I didn't drink that much today. Only one full water bottle :( Oh well, there's always tomorrow. I'll be trying to do at least weekly blogposts about progress and everything. If you'd like to join me on my magical journey to looking even more fabulous, please come and see me at the Tone It Up Community. The girls there are superduper friendly and adorable and gorgeous and I love everyone on there even though they probably have no idea who I am.

Hope this sheds some light on anything you were thinking and I really do hope everyone out there tries to be super healthy. That's really all any of us can do :)



"A short workout is better than no workout."

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