Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Tunes Tuesday

Hey y'all!

Argh, I just have to work out a schedule for this thing cause otherwise, I'll never get the hang of this thing. Anyways! I'll post the Shazam tags for September either later today or as my entry for next week's Tunes Tuesday. We'll see!

Today, I would like to highlight a song I think is particularly Halloween-inspired as it is the month of Octoberrrrr. Now y'all may judge me for this but even though I am 20 years old, I absolutely love going to the movies to see the latest G-rated movie. I even get excited to go see them. Crazy, I know.

As such, the featured song for today was part of the movie Hotel Transylvania that came out in 2012 with Selena Gomez, Adam Sandler and some other celebs. I thought the whole concept was adorable! I hope they'll feature it in 13 Nights of Halloween on ABCFamily but who knows.

The song is "Problem (The Monster Remix)" by Becky G feat. Will.i.am

I love this song and when I heard it last night for the first time in a while (via my This is Halloween Spotify playlist), I automatically knew that I wanted it as my tuesday tune special. I'm always in the Halloween spirit in October but this song was one of my favorites from my playlist.

It is featured in the credits of Hotel Transylvania. I actually like Becky G & Will.i.am as separate artists so to hear them together was pretty neat. The music video was interesting too cause it shows both of them performing, as always, and also clips from the movie.

Alrighty, hopefully I'll keep up with this better!


"I'm a monster, I'm a m-monster"
-Becky G 

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