Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Tunes Tuesday

Hey y'all!

I'm so glad I'm back. Honestly, I've been so stressed and go-go-go 24/7 that this is something really relaxing that I love to do. Anyways, here is this week's favorite song!

The Heart Wants What It Wants by Selena Gomez

I have to admit, watching the AMA awards on Sunday, I really only watched Selena's performance as I had just gotten home from the Texas Renaissance Festival and it juuust do happened that she started her performance when I got in the door. Literally.

So I watched her performance and was blown away. Oh my goodness, there was so much in that performance I wanted to bawl just like Taylor Swift did, apparently. (Just kidding, there was just pics of T. Swift getting emotional. Love you, T!!)

I then proceeded to go upstairs to my room, listen to the song on repeat and watch the music video. I tweeted how I felt horrid and that my heart pretty much was ripped out of my chest and so that's why this week is dedicated to her.

I'm not current on her love life (and honestly, I don't hope to be unless I am a personal, good friend of hers. I think it's kinda creepy about that stuff but I completely understand cooing over relationships and whatnot) and so I'm not sure if the song is about Justin Bieber or not, but whoever it is about, I am HERE for her. She should not have to go through this alone. At all.

As it is, I can't get over this song. Personally, I see it as even though the relationship is destructive that the person singing (whoever, really) is still in it because of their heart. I know, I'm a weirdo. But, this view has actually inspired me creatively (a huge amount) and so I should have some stuff written out and drawn (maybe) soon.

Hope y'all enjoy the song just as much as I have!


"This is a modern fairytale/No happy endings"
-The Heart Wants What it Wants by Selena Gomez 

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