Monday, November 24, 2014

Movie Monday

Hey y'all!

Okay, so first off, I apologize profusely about being MIA for over a month... Unexcusable and it was honestly my pure laziness. I am back for sure and hopefully will never miss another day, ever!

This week is all about The Hunger Games.

Mockingjay: Part One premiered on the 21st and I didn't go see it.

I'm crazy, I know. I had a chance and I didn't take it. Then I had work on Saturday and on Sunday, I went to the Texas Renaissance Festival (which if you've never been, you're missing out my friend. You are miss. Ing. Out. Because it is fabulous) with one of my best friends and his family. I had an amazing time and got some great souvenirs.

Back to today's subject!

So, to be honest, I have not seen this movie, but I just wanted to record my doubts, thought, theories and whatnot.

I'll be blunt, the romantic aspect of the entirety of this series never appealed to me. The actual Hunger Games was my absolute favorite part of both The Hunger Games and Catching Fire. Maybe I just crave chaos and insanity or something but I loved those parts of the book. Personally, I think I'm just an action-kinda girl and I am okay with this.


Okay, so having said that, so far, my favorite movie is The Hunger Games. There was soooo much about the actual Games that I was like, "Yeeeeesssssss." I was looking forward to a lot in Catching Fire and then got maaaaybeeee 30 minutes of footage. I was horrifically disappointed. I thought they spent a lot of time on the tour and what happened in the Capitol. I also cannot watch this movie all the way through again because *sigh* of Cinna.

He was my absolute favorite character.

Y'all, I loved him. Truly. I thought he was a great ally for Katniss so I flippin' bawled when I read about his death in Catching Fire. Watching it in the movies was noooo different. I sobbed. Even thinking about it is bringing tears to my eyes and I'm ridiculously exhausted at this moment. (Which explains this horrible state of the post but I just typed this out in possibly 10-15 minutes to have something to post. I apologize most profusely for its state)

I'm glad that his death affected Katniss heavily, though. That made me feel better.

Which brings me to another death.

I wonder when Prim will die.

That was such an important part of the book and, really, it defined how the book was going to end and who Katniss really could choose to be with.

I thought Gale could have been the one but after the whole bomb thing, I was like, "Oh, jkssss..."

So seeing her end up with Peeta was kinda a foregone conclusion.

Poor Peeta though. Before the Revolution was over, I mean.

The whole brainwashing thing? I thought that was the worst. I always kinda wondered if he was able to see himself tell the lies and he just kinda had to watch without being able to do anything about it.


You always knew that he was a guy who truly cared for Katniss, for nothing other than Katniss' strength was something he deeply admired as well as her fierce love for her family and desire to provide for them.

That was something I always thought was suuuper sweet of him.

Lastly, here's a bombshell to completely rock y'all's worlds. :)

I dislike the character Katniss.

What's that? You didn't quite catch that? Here, let me make it easier for you to see.

I dislike the character Katniss. I dislike the character Katniss. I dislike the character Katniss.

I think she's incredibly stubborn, selfish, way too reckless in that she really doesn't think through things- I just-argh.

Just argh.

There are other reasons, but I can't list them. That'd take forever and I can't think of them at the moment because again, tired.

Do I have something against Jennifer Lawrence and her flawless acting skills, you may wonder? My goodness, no, what's wrong with you? JenLaw freakin' slays.

I just legitimately dislike a character in a novel for reasons that are my own and I'm pretty set in this viewpoint. Please try not to change it.

Okay, love y'all and see ya tomorrow for Tunes Tuesday, PROMISE!!

"I believe in you, Girl on Fire."
-Cinna, one of the greatest characters, Catching Fire 

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