Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Workout Wednesday

Hey y'all!

So sorry for going MIA these past few weeks. Hopefully, I can get back on track now. It is the second week of #Septoneber and I currently have been doing pretty well on the monthly calendar! I'm so proud of myself for that.

Here are today's videos:

Food Baby Workout
BB1: HIIT It Hard
Hot Summer Dance
50 Random Facts WO

Today was Hump HIIT Wednesday. I have to say this though... I hate cardio. Despise it. I wish I never had to do it but I totally understand that to kill fat cells, cardio needs to be done. I just desperately want to never have to do it. Maybe if I ate super healthy all the time, I wouldn't have to do it. As I still live with my parents at the moment, that is not the case and won't be for a while.

Whoops, I forgot to mention. This month, I'm doing Cassey Ho's regular monthly workout schedule instead of the beginner's. You can find all about her at her website linked here. I highly recommend her as a trainer as she has recipes and plenty of different videos that target different body areas you'd like to tight and tone.

As you can probably imagine, today was really hard. I hate cardio and so it takes me a while to do these. I had to drop off my little brother at school today, as usual, and so I woke up early and was able to fit in at least one video before having to stop to freshen up and get ready for work. On days that I have work early, I try to do as much before work as I can but can usually fit in only one or two videos before I have to stop in order to give myself enough time. I hate to say it, but I take forever to get ready. It's a problem.

So, after work (it was only a 10-2 shift as I work retail), I came home, changed, took off my makeup and then finished the other three videos. It took a while, again, and I just ended up pausing when I needed to. I also drank plenty of water before, during and after the workouts. I was pretty good on water intake. I'm not always the best, so I try to fix that when I can.

So that seems to be about everything for this post. Should I also include food or something?? I've been making progress, you can check that out at my Instagram or even talk to me on my Twitter. Either is good. If you have any other comments, questions, concerns, e-mail me at which is the e-mail I made JUST for this blog. I have good things planned for this thing. I just have to get into the swing of things.


"Train Insane or Remain the Same"
-Cassey Ho, founder of POP Pilates

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