Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Tunes Tuesday

Hey y'all!
So for this Tunes Tuesday, I actually have something pretty new for once. It is surprising, I know. Anyways, my sister actually brought my attention to this song a week ago today so I should have listened to it & talked about it then but I didn't because I was on the Sia Chandelier train.
This song apparently first came out on tumblr, which if you're a tumblrer or you tumble or however you say it, then you probably heard it way before the rest of the world. The track I'm talking of is Fall Out Boy's new single, "Centuries."
Some people may have already heard of this and I applaud you for that. But if you haven't... Click on that link right now and revel in the awesomeness of Fall Out Boy. Seriously, I even tweeted about this single. Which for some reason, I'm not too active on Twitter. I should fix that.
Anyways, I just thought I'd bring your attention to this amazing new song cause it's definitely one of my favorites at the moment. I still love "Chandelier" but "Centuries" is just giving me amazing feelings. This is definitely my #1 track for Fall Out Boy so far. I'm not sure what brings me to this decision.
I have been a loyal Fall Out Boy fan for... good grief, almost 7 years now. That's crazy, isn't it? So while it is odd I say this now, it may just be that I really, really like it right now. I'll probably love the next song they release just as much.
"You will remember me. For centuries."
-Fall Out Boy, "Centuries" 

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