Monday, May 4, 2015

Avengers, Assemble!

Hey y'all!

Okies, so you should deeeefinitely know by now that I am utterly OBSESSED with Captain America and by association, the Avengers, obviously. Soooo, I TOTALLY went to see Avengers 2 on the friday it officially premiered. In fact, I was so excited about going that I waited for over 3 hours in the theater so that way I would get a good seat.


I was one of those people.

Funny story, I was actually approached by the security guard and asked what movie I was waiting for. I told him what movie and what time and he just kinda looked at his watch and said, "You're kinda early, aren't ya?" and I just said, "Oh, I'm not missing this."

If you saw me, I was the girl with a Captain America Build-a-Bear and a plush of Cap along with a Cap t-shirt and Cap headphones as I was reading BZRK by Michael Grant and just waiting on the side by the ticket booth thing. I'm sure I got plenty of weird looks but other movie-goers, but I was listening to music and reading. I was pretty okay with life at the moment.

Now, why did I bring stuffed animals? To save seats, of course. Why else would I? (Okay, seriously though, I love taking stuffed animals or plushies to their own movies. I did that with my little Bilbo for Desolation of Smaug) So no, I don't feel weird about having them with me. Even though I am 21 years old. Oh. Well. This is my life and I really wouldn't trade it.

Moving on, THE MOVIE.




I absolutely loved every second of it. I need to go watch it over and over. My mind is blown at this whole movie. Like, I couldn't even speak after it and I was so confused at the timeline afterwards and I had questions and just-UGH.

It was so wonderful.

You all should have seen it. I am now ordering you to go watch it instead of reading this blog post. Go. Forth. This is pretty vital to everything in your life. I was so happy with Cap, and Tony and pretty much all the characters were on point for me.

I will say.... I was suitably impressed with the Scarlet Witch. I did not think I would be so affected. I'm practically in love with Wanda now. She is now my #3 after Cap and Matt Murdock which that spot previously was not even taken considering I didn't know I needed someone else besides Cap.

Apparently, I do.

So, the Maximoff twins were epic in my opinion. I love them both. I'm so happy that Wakanda was brought in cause that means Black Panther is coming soon!!! Eek, I'm so excited for the new Marvel movies coming up. They're going to be killerrrrrrr, ah, I hope they're amazing.


I am pretty sure that Pietro is coming back. I mean one, he plays some pretty big roles in the comics plus this is Joss Whedon. Phil Coulson anyone? Okay, done. I just had to get my opinion out there.


Continuing with new additions to the roster, I was SO happy that Falcon was apart of the team in this movie!!! I've loved watching Disney XD's Marvel's Avengers Assemble and in the T.V. show, Falcon is just so precious! So I was stoked that he was in the 2nd Cap movie and this one.

As for new supers... Well, I think Vision was brought in excellently. I'm glad Paul Bettany finally has a "body" but I'm kind of sad that Vision isn't really JARVIS. I think that would have been awesome. I completely understand, but still. JARVIS has been there for Tony in ways similar to how Edwin Jarvis cares for Tony in the comics so I would have loved for JARVIS to have a physical manifestation.

Okies, now I have to talk about Black Widow and the Hulk. Holy crackers, that is a ship that I am willing to go down with. I have definitely heard of it before and I think it is a really good pairing!! I can't wait to see how Nat kicks his butt in the third movie for pulling that stunt. I did think that was really hurtful of him to do even though he thinks that he is being a good person and keeping her safe by not staying with her. But for Nat to have opened up like that? He kind of just threw her feelings back in her face. Not cool, Brucey-bear. Not cool.

And this post is getting really long, so we'll just end this with this:

HAHAHA, I thought this was one of the best parts of the movie. I laughed so hard. Poor Thor.

There definitely were some other memorable moments, such as the fight between Iron Man and Hulk, Ultron, the whole thing about Clint's people (which I'll tell ya, that came out of left field for sure), and then Fury made his comeback to the team.

Buuuuut, if I take the time to talk about that, this post will be ridiculously long. So, I am going to end it here.

What did you guys think of the movie?! Please lemme know in the comments below cause i am game to just gab about this movie for a superduper long time!!


"Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor."
-The inscription on Mjolnir, Thor's hammer 

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