Saturday, December 7, 2013

Week 1

Hey y'all!

So, I'm participating in Blogilates' #NewBodyMakeover and I'll be making weekly posts on Saturdays about my thoughts and day-to-day successes before I make a giant post about what exactly I ate and everything like that

Week 1 is now over and I'm okay. Definitely cutting out the major amounts of dairy as I am breaking out like crazy! And that's not cool. So no more dairy for me. I'll be sure and cut that down in my diet plan. I messed up a few times on the food part of ths journey and I definitely didn't exercise as much as I should. Still, I'll see how much progress I've made tomorrow morning on the scale. 

I know that for sure my body is going to become stronger with the extra exercise and from all the good nutrition I'm providing it. I'm also really glad about this as it's really teaching me how to watch my pennies when going grocery shopping. If I know it's cheaper in a different store or form (shredded vs. block cheese), then I know exactly which one to get and where. This is definitely helpful as I'm hoping to be moving out of my parents house by next fall and living on my own. While I'm excited, I'm also kinda worried I won't be able to budget my money properly. 

Alrighty, week 2... BRING IT =)

"I hope you feel beautiful today."
- found it on my iNSPIRING Pinterest board =)

P.S. This post will be updated with exactly what I ate plus pictures (if I took them) & what exercising I did on what day when I get a chance... Maybe on Tuesday....

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