Monday, August 4, 2014

Movie Monday: Guardians of the Galaxy

Hey y'all!
As today is Monday, we're gonna focus on the latest blockbuster in theaters...
Guardians of the Galaxy
This movie, if you have not seen it already, means you need to get up and go watch it. Now.
This movie was absolutely perfect! I absolutely loved every moment of it. It was hilarious, perfectly casted, and just downright the best movie I've seen so far in the action-comedy genre.
I will say that there were a ton of 80's references which was not a bad thing. They really added to the movie. I don't remember too much of the comics but I have to say going just based on how the movie portrayed them, these characters are timeless. I adored them entirely.
The plot was definitely interesting and it kept me on the edge of my seat for most of the time. I honestly can't wait to see the movie again but I do have to confess... I'd like to see it again to be purely analytical.
If you go further, you're spoiling parts of the Marvel© universe for yourself. I am literally making this text black to spare you the unneeded grief from being spoiled.
Why, you ask? Because every Marvel© movie has secrets about every other Marvel© movie. My first love is and will always be Captain America who, as y'all should know, is the enigmatic leader for the superhero group entitled the Avengers. Therefore, following at a close second on my favorites, is the Avengers. As Avengers 2: Age of Ultron is coming out soon(ish), I am prepared to go to answer many questions that I have gathered:
What exactly is going to happen?
Will Ultron win?
How does Thanos play a part in all this?
The Infinity Gauntlet is going to show up, right?
Speaking of, exactly how many stones are left? (Cause weren't there some stones visible when we saw it last?)
Now that one stone has been uncovered, who's going to uncover the other stones?
Peter Parker has kinda been in his own world and there hasn't been much crossover... will that ever change?
How will the two new Avengers fit in with the stellar team dynamic?
What on God's green earth happened to the Tesseract if the Collector's collection was pretty much decimated in Guardians?
Is there ever going to be a crossover where all of the Marvel© universes finally come together to save the day somehow? (I'm not even picky; I don't care what's going on)
And finally, the most important question for any Marvel© fan...
Where is Deadpool and why hasn't he been given a bigger part than Ryan Reynolds/Scott Adkins in X-Men Origins: Wolverine?
I think about these questions a lot. I would appreciate them being answered, Marvel©. I don't think it's too much to ask for at all. I understand it'll take some time but hints here and there, those I live for.
Which brings us back to why I want to see the movie again. Y'all don't understand; I take these movies pretty seriously after I've seen them for a few times... It's after I've felt I've analyzed them well that I watch them for fun.
(Oh wait, jks, cause I'll watch Cap anytime. Just for grins.)
I have to say, that is one of the reasons I really do like the Marvel© universe. Everything is connected and so you never know what could happen. I also appreciate that Marvel Studios© is now making the movies that are pretty much comics come-to-life. I love that.

These comics are amazing and I could never ever get tired of reading them so seeing them brought to the big screens and just basically seeing my heroes come alive... It's an experience like no other and I'm so thankful that I'm alive in this time period.

Crazy obsession aside, the movie is truly one-of-a-kind and deserves a huge audience to fall in love with it.

Update on exercise and stuff: I finished Day 1 of the Beginner's Calendar today. It wasn't too hard but I was a little sore. I'll keep up with the calendar as best I can.


"That is the first thing you've said that isn't *** crazy."
-The loveable Rocket, from Guardians of the Galaxy 

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