Tuesday, August 5, 2014

T.V. Tuesday

Hey y'all!

Fourth day blogging and I've done really well. I'm very proud for keeping up with this thing. Now to get down to the good stuff.

T.V. Shows!!!

For any of those who don't really, really know me... Know that I am obsessed with T.V. If it is a T.V. show on easily accessible cable, chances are slim that I do not watch it. I know, sounds crazy. I literally watch so much T.V. though. I'm sure that's not healthy but I love watching T.V. I usually workout while watching an episode.

**Also, very quickly, I spoil things when I talk about shows. Cause I'm giving my opinions and whatnot so just... Heads up**

Bachelor in Paradise - Ohhhhh my goodness. I just finished Andi's season and really didn't need a Bachelor/Bachelorette fix until Chris (the farmer from Andi's season) become the next Bachelor, but this show... I could not pass it up. I feel it's a perfect way to end the summer.

    "08/04/14" - If I wasn't thoroughly crushed enough on Marcus' behalf during Andi's recent Bachelorette season, he definitely blew me away with this first episode. I give him props for giving the rose to Lacy because he really thinks there is something there. But in doing that, I feel really bad for Robert cause I'm pretty sure that he felt something towards her too. So that's just drama waiting to boil up. Going along with that, I felt bad for Sara when Marcus chose Lacy because I was wondering if she was going to get a rose since everyone else really had been paired up. Thankfully, Ben stepped in and gave her a rose. Well, more like he didn't have a choice or at least he made it seem that way. Oh well, Sara's still here. Michelle... Oh, Michelle. I'm almost 100% that this girl is who everyone refers to as "Crazy Michelle" and with how she acted in the rose ceremony and pretty much throughout the show, I really question her motives for coming on the show in the first place. Clare was saved!! I actually like her. She seems adorable and I was upset on her behalf at the rose ceremony but she was given a rose! Thank goodness for Robert. It seems their ruins date wasn't for naught. With Elise and Dylan, they're pretty cute but I didn't really care too much for Dylan on Andi's season so... You go, guys. Romance it out.  Michelle and Marquel!! They are sooo adorable! I loved Marquel because he was just a genuinely nice guy on Andi's season and so I am really rooting for him on this show. I think he and Michelle are a pretty good match so I'm excited to see where that goes. But then Daniella had to go home!! I had barely seen her this show except for in the confessionals and I was kinda disappointed. She looked like she would have been fun. If all this happened on just the first episode... I'm super psyched for next Monday :) (Season 1, Episode 1)
Gravity Falls - Oh guys. Do you watch this show? If not, you totally should. While this is a Disney show, this show is the bomb.com and I have been waiting for this second season for months!! I was sooo psyched when it finally came on!!
    "Scary-Oke": This was the perfect season premiere. It had all the classic Gravity Falls elements that I've learned to love and look out for such as: something supernatural/odd, Mabel (yes, that's all I need to say), something from the journal, and of course, an obstacle to be conquered. My favorite part on this episode had to be that Gruncle Stan, Dipper and Mabel had to sing to defeat the zombies. That was hilarious. I'm excited to see what the agents are going to do and when they'll be back if Gravity Fall, Oregon is the place they're looking for. I wonder if the author is/was ex-government? Ooh, now there's a thought... (Season 2 Episode 1)
    "Into the Bunker": I'm not going to lie, I've been waiting for something like this to happen since season 1, episode 1. So to finally be in the bunker of where the author of the journals stayed... It was awe-inspiring. I thought it was so cool how they brought that to life and then how the author created the tree entrance! That blew my mind, it was so cool. The shifter was interesting as well. I totally held my breath when Dipper confessed to Wendy though! I love that the writers went through it cool as a cucumber though and it wasn't weird afterwards. Not having Wendy on the show would have been a real bummer so I'm glad she stays. (Season 2, Episode 2)
Hawaii Five-0 - I know, I know, this show isn't current, but I just love watching it and I have missed some episodes. So here are the eps I watched this week!
    "Kaw Iwi Kapu (Sacred Bones)": This episode was really cool to watch because this was a Halloween episode complete with trick-or-treating, zombie and Max-dressed-as-Nero. I have to admit the latter was my favorite. Max is definitely my fav character on the show so I adore whenever he is shown. That doesn't mean I don't have love for McGarrett and Danno but Max... he's just too precious. Anyways, this case was super interesting in plenty of ways. First, it had supernatural tendencies and I am a total sucker for those. I love supernatural (that includes the show) and so this was a good ep for me. I also love intricate cases and this one definitely was. I was frustrated that the perp ended up killing himself by burning cause I would prefer they get justice but he reaped what he sowed for certain. It boggles the mind to see to what extent people will go just to... get money or something else that seems so dumb in the big scheme of things. The supernatural part was incredibly interesting especially at the end where Danno is pretty sure he was talking to a ghost and he goes "Pack it up!" when is entire team has brought in all of his stuff. The other supernatural part I have to criticize but not because it was bad. I just... Did you see the way those two kids were dressed? You'd think that they were taking a stroll in the city or a shops area or something. Not, oh, 'scuse me, I'm just gonna pop into this jungle then, shall I? For instance, who wears a crop top to the jungle?! If it were me and my significant other (not that I have one but. Semantics) wished to do something that crazy (Spoiler Alert: There is no way on all that is holy I would ever agree to something like this. I don't care if I'm labeled a scaredy-cat. I'm Slytherin enough to admit self-preservation needs), I would be in full-Winchester mode. I'm talking skinny jeans, boots, legitimate work boots, a tank/t-shirt under a plaid shirt plus a backpack with plenty of water, food, salt, holy water, machetes for vampires... Every single thing that may keep me alive would be in that freakin' backpack. No. Joke. That honestly was my only issue. Oh and the fact that they were disrespecting the dead. How rude, seriously. (Season 2, Episode 7)

    "Lapa'au (Healing)": This episode was... odd, for lack of a better term. The premise was that an agent was killed before taking off in a plane. It was sad that she was killed trying to rescue animals who were going to be poached. Thankfully, Five-0 stepped in before they were sent out in the world. People are motivated by the worst things and the culprit this time was dying of pancreatic cancer and when he found out the doctor/poacher was lying to him about curing him, he went crazy and started killing everybody. Also, medicinal marijuana... I personally don't see how it helps but I'm not a doctor so, there's that. I soo loved the early McGarrett and Danno scene at the movie theaters. I was dying of laughter at those two. Their bromance makes me love the show even more. Anyways, everything got resolved and I thought that it was really sweet when the deceased agent's handler/boss/maybe-co-worker-I-dunno gave Five-0 the medal she was awarded post-humously. When Steve placed it in his office with his Navy medals... That just about broke my heart with the fluff. I wanted to vomit rainbows and kittens, seriously. (Season 2, Episode 8)

    "A ia la aku": My sister refused to watch this and kept telling me I had seen it but after I finished it, I'm so glad I decided to watch it cause I didn't know a darn thing while watching the whole show. So in this one, a bride runs because she sees her brother in the crowd. The same brother who was a total jerk and forced her to run cons against rich guys just so they could scam them of their money. God forbid, she actually fall in love with someone rich and want to get away from her psycho brother. I felt really bad for Little Rich but in the end, they had the ceremony in the hospital while the bride was recovering from her injuries (she had been in a really bad car wreck) with McGarrett and Danno as witnesses. That definitely killed me with the absolute adorableness. Seriously, I spouted rainbows with that nonsense. I did not see the rich family's lawyer becoming the bad person though. That was a twist... that I loved! It was so cool to see Mama Rich just confront him and pretty much stare down the barrel of a gun just cause she had a wire and knew the police were right outside. Five-o, man... Freakin' Five-o (Season 4, Episode 4)
Before I leave y'all, I apologize on my ramblings and spoilers. But I write T.V. Tuesdays under the impression that everyone who is reading these blog posts watch the shows as well.
"Dipper, what's the one thing I asked you not to do?"  
"Raise the dead."  
"And what did you do?"  
"-sigh- Raise the dead."
- Dipper and Mabel, Gravity Falls, "Scary-Oke"

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