Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Workout Wednesday: Day 3 (Beginner's Calendar)

Hey y'all!
Phew, I am pooped from the workout today. Okay, not true. But. I am feeling kinda sore and I figure Cassey is telling the truth when she says Sore Today, Strong Tomorrow so I'll get over it. Today on the Beginner's Calendar:

Wake up and do 10 roll-ups 
 Fat Burning Cardio Warmup
Total Body Pilates with Ana Caban 

And they are complete! I've done the Fat Burning Cardio Warmup before, but I never did the total body vid so that was neat to try out. I also was going to shower tonight but I'll shower after working out tomorrow morning so I'm fresh for work. I'm sure my co-workers and customers will appreciate that.

I was off work today so I pretty much lounged around and watched T.V. and then worked out at night... That was today in a nutshell.

I will say that diet-wise, I think that that, besides lack of time for workout, is my main concern on never being able to fully be fit. I do live at my parent's right now (which is why I don't post any videos yet) and I really am restricted to the food they bring in. Yes, I could buy my own groceries but for a college kid who's just trying to move out and save money at the moment? I'm not about to spend my money in that way.

I am proud of today though; I really drank a lot of water and I haven't been drinking my water so score 1 for me today on the water-front!

No worries, Austin will take care of that for me. Today was a pretty short post but not too much happened today... Oh well.

"Train like a Beast, Look like a Beauty"
- Cassey Ho, Blogilates© founder and instructor 

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