Sunday, December 21, 2014

Week 16

Hey y’all!

So here is Sports Sunday 2! I’m excited for this because my team still has a chance for the play-offs!! (Even though we lost to the freakin’ Colts) and so that makes me happy. Cause that means more football!

First off, this is last week’s real vs. projected winners

Packers v. Bills
Jaguars v. Ravens
Buccaneers v. Panthers
Bengals v. Browns
Texans v. Colts
Raiders v. Chiefs
Redskins v. Giants
Dolphins v. Patriots
Steelers v. Falcons
Broncos v. Chargers
Jets v. Titans
Vikings v. Lions
49ers v. Seahawks
Cowboys v. Eagles

Well dang. I predicted pretty well. 11/14 games predicted correctly! I’m pretty proud of myself :)

And here are my players and how many points they scored each

QB Jay Cutler (Chicago Bears) 3
RB Alfred Morris (Washington Redskins) 1
RB Chris Ivory (New York Jets) 11
WR DeAndre Hopkins (Houston Texans) 11
WR Steve Smith (Baltimore Ravens) 9
TE Travis Kelce (Kansas City Chiefs) 17
FLEX Kelvin Benjamin (Carolina Panthers) 25
D/ST Patriots D/ST (New England Patriots) 42
K Cody Parkey (Philadelphia Eagles) 14

Bench Russell Wilson (Seattle Seahawks, QB) 11
Bench Shane Vereen (New England Patriots, RB) 11
Bench Dan Carpenter (Buffalo Bills, K) 31
Bench Jared Cook (St. Louis Rams, TE) 1
Bench Steelers (Pittsburgh Steelers, D/ST) 25
Bench Dwayne Bowe (Kansas City Chiefs, WR) 15
Bench Latavius Murray (Oakland Raiders, RB) 4

So pretty much, my defense saved me cause I finally won. Thank goodness for the Pats D. I'm not gonna lie, I'm kinda ticked at both of my quarterbacks, but I know for next year, not to pick either of them.

As my family's league is in the playoffs right now, of course I'm in the consolation bracket but I've won a game already so I'm advancing! Hopefully, I'll win this week as well.

Here's my lineup for this week:

QB Russell Wilson (Seattle Seahawks)
RB Alfred Morris (Washington Redskins)
RB Chris Ivory (New York Jets)
WR DeAndre Hopkins (Houston Texans)
WR Steve Smith (Baltimore Ravens)
TE Travis Kelce (Kansas City Chiefs)
FLEX Kelvin Benjamin (Carolina Panthers)
D/ST Patriots D/ST (New England Patriots)
K Cody Parkey (Philadelphia Eagles)

Bench Jay Cutler (Chicago Bears, QB)
Bench Shane Vereen (New England Patriots, RB)
Bench Dan Carpenter (Buffalo Bills, K)
Bench Jared Cook (St. Louis Rams, TE)
Bench Steelers (Pittsburgh Steelers, D/ST)
Bench Dwayne Bowe (Kansas City Chiefs, WR)
Bench Latavius Murray (Oakland Raiders, RB)

*I switched my QBs because since Cutler has been doing horribly, he was benched this week.

Moving on to Thursday's match-up: Jaguars v. Titans

Alrighty, so I have to be honest, I don't like either team. But I definitely dislike the Titans more than the Jaguars. So the fact that the Jags won is pretty okay with me. I do have concerns about the Jags as the Texans face them next and since we still have a shot at the playoffs, they would love nothing more than to knock us out of the running.

Both teams are part of the AFC South and the Jags are 3-12 while the Titans are 2-13.

Another thing, this week we had Saturday Night Football. Y'all. I was so excited. I'm not a big fan of college ball so I love Winter Break cause it means NFL all the time.

So here are Saturday's games recaps:

Eagles v. Redskins - I was surprised that the Redskins won but proud cause I have an RB from Washington. Both teams are in the NFC East. Eagles: 9-6, Redskins: 4-11

Chargers v. 49ers - Well, I was kinda ticked at the 49ers, because now the Texans need the Browns to beat the Chargers since the 49ers couldn't get it done, even though they were beating them the whole freakin' game. We just need the Chargers to lose once, goshdarnit. The Chargers are in the AFC West and the 49ers are in the NFC West. Chargers: 9-6, 49ers: 7-8

Onto today's games and whatnots!

12:00 pm - Ravens v. Texans, Browns v. Panthers, Bears v. Lions, Buccaneers v. Packers, Chiefs v. Steelers, Dolphins v. Vikings, Jets v. Patriots, Falcons v. Saints

3:05 pm - Giants v. Rams

3:25 pm - Bills v. Raiders, Colts v. Cowboys

7:30 pm - Cardinals v. Seahawks


12:00 pm - Texans, Browns, Lions, Packers, Steelers, Dolphins, Patriots, Falcons

3:05 pm - Giants

3:25 pm - Bills, Colts

7:30 pm - Seahawks


12:00 pm - I'm a Texans fan, first and foremost. In my experience, the Panthers haven't always been amazing and the Browns have a better record. The Lions have been doing well this season. The Bucs aren't that good... The Chiefs are good, but the Steelers are better. This one threw me but I predict the Dolphins because their record is better. Pats are always good. The Saints have just... I don't even know this year. So, Falcons. 

3:05 pm - The Rams have been off-and-on and the Giants have been doing okay even with all of their problems. 

3:25 pm - Um, the Raiders are playing? The other team will win. GO. COLTS. PUMMEL THE COWBOYS. 

7:30 pm - C'mon, Hawks, because Wilson hasn't been doing that amazing this year. I need this win.

Okay, and this is still super long. Oh well. Happy Football Sunday!


"Football is football and talent is talent. But the mindset of your team makes all the difference."
-RG III, Washington Redskin QB

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