Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Tunes Tuesday

Hey y'all!

Welcome back to Tunes Tuesday! I've been having phone issues so I kinda lost all my tags so I won't be able to do a Shazam thing for ya but since it is December, I decided my tunes posts should be holiday-themed!!

So, this is one of my favorite holidays songs but I'm not sure if counts?? If y'all don't know, I love a mixture of different genres but one of my absolute favorite bands is Bastille. I actually saw them live when they were here in Houston at NRG Park Arena and aaaahhhhh, it was amazing.

They have a song called "Tuning Out" which starts out with lyrics from "O Holy Night" and I just love Dan's voice, really. That's what makes this one of my favorite holiday songs. It is also very mellow and really chill. The song is just relaxing to listen to and it's definitely been on my Spotify playlist, That One Song and I admit to having listened to it on repeat for, um, quite a while...

So, that's it for today's post! They'll get longer once I get used to writing again.


"Fall on your knees/O hear the angel voices/O night, divine/O night, that leads to morn"
-Bastille, "Tuning Out" 

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