Thursday, December 18, 2014

T.V. Thursday

Hey y'all!

I have not been keeping up with a bunch of my t.v. shows and in preparation for this post, I didn't get a chance to catch up with practically anything. So these are entries gleamed from my drafts so if they sound odd... Well, I worked instead of watching t.v. You're welcome for this much getting done.

Here we go, y'all. It's a few, honest.

   "Skinny Dipper": This episode was crazy for me. Before this episode, it's when Henry got into a cab and he ended up with "Adam" as the driver. In the beginning it re-capped what had happened in the previous episode and then started from when Henry was in the cab. So we see Adam driving and Henry urges him to stop the car since Adam is driving recklessly. He then ends his life by shooting himself in the head and disappears which leaves Henry in the car. It careens off the road into the water and Henry dies by drowning. He's revived and comes back in the water naked, of course. Henry gets caught by NYPD and then things happen. I have to admit, during the drive, I was on the edge of my seat. I thought Adam was going to deliberately kill Henry or something, which is irrational of me (ah, I can't even believe I'm typing this) since he's practically immortal, but still. Yeah, this post is going to have a lot of italics cause it was an emotional time for me. (Y'all know I get attached to my characters. I watched it with my godmother, which made it even more overwhelming). I was worried!! Anyways, so he comes back and basically, "Adam" starts killing people and soon enough it looks like Henry's in charge of the murders. He finally tells the truth to Detective Martinez but modernizes it by saying that "Adam" is a stalker. NYPD buys the story and goes to try and get the stalker. It turns out that the actual murderer is a mental hostpial patient that "Adam" was the therapist for!! SO YES. We have seen Adam. I REPEAT, WE HAVE SEEN ADAM. I gasped aloud and my godmother said, "I knew it! That guy was too creepy." Adam was the therapist and he even had a session with Henry. The moment I saw Adam's face, I wanted to go into the T.V. and just shield Henry from everything. AUGH, I felt so enraged and confused and upset and just-argh. Just argh, y'all. (Season 1, Episode 11)

Marry Me

"Pilot" - I have been looking forward to this show but I wasn't sure I was going to be constant with it until my dad had me watch it with him. Voluntarily, of course, as we both appreciate Casey Wilson's brand of humor and were excited to see her new show. I have to say, it was hilariously entertaining and surprised me. I laugh at practically everything so when my dad laughs, it's a good sign that the show is funny. As we were both cracking up, this episode was pretty good. Annie and Jake have been together for 6 years and Jake chooses to propose while Annie doesn't realize it and goes off on him, in the process badmouthing their friends and family who are hiding waiting to surprise the happy couple once they've been engaged. Unsure as to where they stand, she comes up with the idea of proposing to him and coincidentally gets Jake fired from his job. Annie and Jake then end up at the restaurant that they first met at separately without the other knowing. This is a sign they take to mean that they really are meant to be together so Jake proposes then and there. It's been a week since the first botched proposal and their friends and family are once again waiting for them. They are at another location and are getting ready to leave when the two show up. They all go in after Annie reconciles with them to have a drink and celebrate the engagement.

New Girl

   "Injured": This episode was hilarious, as usual. Jess and the guys were playing tackle football when after they huddled, Schmidt threw the ball and Jess tackled Nick. The fallout of that was Nick's back being hurt and Jess trying to help him. Of course, he refused the help and stated he didn't have insurance and so couldn't go to the doctor. Jess offered her doctor friend, Sadie, to give an unofficial opinion and then she and Nick went to the office.  Sadie saw them and unofficially prescribed some pain meds (heavy-duty menstrual cramp meds) to help with his bruised spine and noticed something when Nick was drinking water to swallow the pills. She mentioned that something might be wrong with his thyroid and Jess and her planned for Nick to have an ultrasound. The gang, Cece included, then have a crazy night because Nick thinks that he might be dying thanks to Jess, Schmidt and Winston getting all teary-eyed and upset at the idea. Jess asks Nick what he wants to do and he says he's not spontaneous. If he did something, he'd be the responsible guy. Everyone ends up at the beach and Nick just runs into the water. They spend the night on the beach and go to the doctor's in the morning. (Season 1, Episode 15)

   "Table 34": Jess and Nick wake up from the aftermath of their kiss. They have an awkward morning-after encounter while everyone else is still asleep. When Jess goes back into her bed, Sam wakes up and Jess deigns not to tell him about what happened the night before. She then goes to Cece's and blurts out what Nick's done. Winston goes into the kitchen, where Nick is, and Nick tries to tell Winston what happened, but Winston is so ecstatic that he was with Daisy last night, that Nick barely gets a word in. Jess rants to Cece about the kiss and deliberates over whether or not she should tell Sam and if she likes Nick or not. Cece tells Jess about the dating convention she's going to when Jess asks about her plans for the day. Schmidt has decided that he's going to attend the same convention that Cece is going to and has dressed for the occasion. Believing Jess won't be there, Nick decides to tag along and Winston wants to go as well. When Nick sees Jess, he does his panic moonwalk and gets out of the room. Winston gets mad when he follows Nick and hits him when he confesses that he kissed Jess. Cece and Schmidt have a confrontation where Schmidt tells Cece he's still in love with her. Nick finally talks with Jess and apologizes for the kiss. They get into a minor discussion about how the other felt about the kiss and both sides try to say that the kiss meant nothing. Sam arrives because  They all go in to the convention and start all of the intended activities for everyone there. Jess and Nick fight the entire time and things get pretty heated. (Season 2, Episode 16)


     "Shorthanded" - Scorpion is seriously one of my favorite shows for fall T.V. I love the genius and the fact that everything is higher thinking. Happy is hands down my favorite character. Sh'e hilariously blunt and serious. When Paige says she wants to grow up to be her, my sister said, "I want to be her!" I think she's a fabulous role model for young girls and women of all ages as to her skills and knowledge. Enough about that, this episode was too much. It cracked me up with the wit and banter and also what happened... Sylvester drove. I think the Human Calculator is the absolute cutest thing so whenever he's in distress, it's adorable. To see him driving at 1 mph or however slow he was going was so precious. Thank goodness Walter got himself out of jail just in time to take the wheel. ...I knoooow, I skipped parts. But that was my favorite! Synopsis is: Walter and the team go to Las Vegas separate of Agent Gallo to try and prove themselves as independent and that they did not need Gallo's help with their endeavors. They get there and think they've solved the problem by firing an employee that is losing the casino money just by being a dealer. When a robbery takes place, Walter gets framed for it. He is then in jail and the team kind of falls apart without their leader. Paige takes control and gets them going on the task to free Walter. Toby and Sylvester go to try and win the bail money while Paige and Happy pair up to find evidence that Walter didn't do it. Meanwhile, Walter ends up in jail with the aforementioned employee and after a bit, the two reconcile and Walter helps the employee come up with a way to be a baker, like the man wants. He then helps Walter escape jail by setting fire to a piece of rayon using items in the jail cell. Walter meets with the team that have successfully started going after the casino's files on their own. Four get out while Toby unfortunately plays bait and gets caught. Toby's captor turns out to be the actual mastermind behind the whole plot; turns out, that the casino's owner's daughter feels slighted and wants to run the casino down into the ground. Toby sends an encrypted text to the team and Walter calls in Gallo to help save Toby. They end and Toby and Walter reconcile as they had a bit of a falling out while Walter was still in jail. (Season 1, Episode 4)

Told y'all it wasn't too too much :) Happy T.V. watching!


"Luck doesn't exist. Math and science does."
-Happy from Scorpion 

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