Saturday, December 20, 2014

Style Saturday

Hey y'all!

And thus begins StyleSaturday #2!!! This Saturday I'll be waking up super early to go with family to see The FINAL Hobbit, which I'm so psyched for, as well as eating at the Hobbit Cafe and then heading off to work. So a busy, busy day that I will probably need lots of coffee for :/

Anyways, seeing as I'm probably going to be doing a lot, I created a few Polyvores that you may view below. I probably will not follow any of them. No kidding. I really don't have my dream closet and so I'm making these Polyvores as both style inspiration pieces and as ideas to spring for when I'm shopping for me (after I've gotten healthy, though. That's what I'm really waiting on)

Here is the final product!
I Am Death

River island top
$19 -

Helmut Lang elastic waist pants

Roberto Cavalli black booties

Garnet earrings

Dragon Rider headpiece, Black scale with Pink and gold highlights,...

So this is what my dream cosplay would be. I absolutely love these pieces (especially the shoes. The. Shoes) and I would walk around practically anywhere wearing all this. Hopefully, y'all enjoy and it inspires you to dress up as one of my favorite characters, Smaug.

Happy Hobbit Weekend!


"I am fire. I am Death."

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